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Mathtech Consultants has been in business for four years now. It has been active in a number of industries with its focus on Engineering and Mathematical research consultancy.

Its area of expertise is modelling and simulation; logical, derivative and innovative mathematical solutions and algorithm design for embedded or standalone applications.

With a number of years experience in these fields the focus of the company is now to move towards expansion, possibly in cooperation with other consultancy companies, to take on whole projects which it can deliver independently back to industry.

The company has access to subject matter experts in a wide variety of fields related to the solution of real engineering and algorithmic problems.

Dr Tim Wren

My primary experience is in mathematical modelling and simulation and mathematical algorithms. I have been in industry and academia for thirty years and have had successful relationships with many cutting edge industrial companies and the University of Sussex. I am now looking for a new University or industry to co-operate with in future research.

I have the following qualifications, charterships and memberships:

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I have been involved in research from the start of my engineering career. I saw it as a fundamental part of why I had done engineering; not for me the cloak of a safe job with good prospects but an underlying need to take innovative ideas and make them work in a real environment. As the industrial research pages show, I have always strived to bring new ideas and methods to problems I have been given to solve. The consequence was, and indeed is, that I was sought out because people knew I would bring a new slant or understanding to the problem.

In 2000/2001 I started looking at digital communications and how it might be made more covert. I put a proposal of study together and in 2003 I took this to the University of Sussex and had it accepted as the topic for my DPhil thesis.
I duly completed this in 2007. In addition, I have written several papers which are related to that research and further research in other fields.

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an innovative future

The future of Mathtech is a cooperative one I believe. I look forward, this coming year, to finding new cooperative research projects to work on and bring Mathtech's hopefully unique skills to the market.


"A pleasure to work with, and also with a keen work-ethic, Tim provides important insights and math modelling skills that enable systems to be integrated quickly and effectively."

Richard Rudd-Orthner

Mission Data Programming: Airborne Countermeasures & Threat Systems Analysis & Modelling at MASS (a Cohort plc company).

"If you have a difficult problem, Tim will solve it. I need say no more."

Andy Cullington

Geospatial Intelligence Consultant - Defence & Security at Envitia.

"Tim is the ideal tame mathematician - skilled at turning complex formulae into plain English and translating vague concepts into working Matlab. Dogged, patient and able to retain a strong sense of humour he is perfect for providing real intellectual 'grunt' in an industrial environment."

Philip Tudor

Managing Director at Multispectral Limited.

"Tim is an excellent researcher."

Tai Yang

Reader in Computer & Control Engineering
(Engineering and Design) University of Sussex